Founded in London, in 1976. The Pod name derived from an acronym for ‘Product of Desire’.

Pod challenges expectations of what a British shoe should be, striking the balance between rich heritage and progressive fashion designs. The original Pod shoe was created as a reaction against the platform shoes and flares trend that had become popular in the early 1970s. The owners of the brand, Bill and Tony, wanted to design a flatter, more casual shoe to be worn with straight fitting jeans.

Today, Jagger is Pod’s most iconic design, first produced in 1976. The unique features of Jagger include heavy mudguard twin stitching, a crepe sole and a stitch-out design, which creates a versatile, stylish shoe that over-delivers on style, quality and comfort.

The Pod collection is designed in England and manufactured in Portugal; in the same factory the collection was first produced with in the 70’s. The factory was founded in 1935 and is today’s oldest shoe factory in Portugal, so they know a thing-or-two about high-quality shoes.

Pod releases products in very limited runs, so they are able to ensure the elimination of almost all wastage and only buy what is required. Pod Original is committed to creating great footwear with care.

katie malley