Our easy step by step guide will help you to find the perfect POD size in no time, allowing your child to jump straight into their next everyday adventure in unbeatable comfort.

As measuring is only a guide it’s important to check the fit of the shoes once they arrive. Different styles and types of footwear can fit differently so please check individual descriptions for our sizing recommendations.

1. Printing the measuring tool.
Ensure your printer is set to 100% or ‘do not scale’, print out the guide and measure.

2. Getting started.
Place the paper on a hard floor. Align heel on the guide - you may find it helpful to place the heel line against a wall to make measuring easier.

3. Measuring the length.
Jot down the mm measurement from their longest toe - repeat for the other foot. Please note the outline of the guide is not for width fitting, only
measure the length of the foot.

4.Getting your POD size.
Note the longest measurement and take the shoe size for that measurement as the perfect POD size. 

Download your paper measuring gauge here