We present a collaboration with HANON with a psychedelic take on our cult Jagger silhouette, dubbed the ‘Space Biscuit’.

Inspired by the cultural phenomenon of rave, the late 1980’s gave birth to Acid House, a movement that gripped the country and changed the cultural
landscape beyond recognition. Set against the backdrop of disused industrial spaces, new sounds emanating from Chicago and liberated ways of thinking, transformed these spaces and those who passed through them into another world.

Detailing arrives via a Flame branded leather looped tongue label with bar tack stitch, alternating HANON & POD debossed leather tabs, and a purple leather lining. Further branding has been applied along the collar by way of a debossed ‘Product of Desire’ callout, a set of dual branded leather laminate footbeds featuring a custom Pod logo print evoking the graphics on posters and clothing from that era. Lastly, a custom heel window has been made allowing for both HANON & POD script branding against an apt era-friendly vibrant tie dye effect.







katie malley